How It Works:

  1. Sign Up: Joining our referral program is straightforward. Simply sign up to receive your unique referral link which you can share with potential clients.
  2. Refer Clients: Use your unique link to refer businesses to TalentsLeap. These can be any contacts who are looking to hire new talent, including your current employer.
  3. Client Onboarding: When a client you referred signs up and uploads their job positions to our platform, they kickstart the potential for your earnings.
  4. Successful Placements: For every job position filled successfully through TalentsLeap that your referred client uploads, you earn money.
  5. Earn Commissions: You receive 5% of the revenue from the placements made by your referred client for one year. Depending on the volume of hires and the salary levels, your earnings can exceed $10,000 per year from a single successful referral.


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Signing up is easy, and tracking your success is even easier. Join our referral program now to start earning by helping us connect great companies with top talent.


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